Why Mind Is Not Stable?

First of all, if you are asking this question, then congrats! Because at least you are accepting this reality and trying to make it better.

Most people do not even recognize it and blame the outside. Though the outside also has a lot to do with it, which we will come to later, first, it’s the inside that needs fixing.

Let’s look at the reasons why the mind is not stable. But before that, we need to understand what exactly the Mind Is Not Stable. So there are many layers in the mind, but let’s not delve into that because it’s irrelevant to the current topic.

For this topic, we will focus on the main thing that makes the mind a super entity. Those things are “Memory” and “Imagination”. Now, imagine software that becomes faster and stronger as it gets more data. Exactly like AI but a better version of AI that we currently see. That’s what the mind is, a way better version of AI, even better than ChatGPT and many other tools out there.

You give one piece of knowledge or information to the mind, and it will create thousands of thoughts and imaginations for you. So what is the problem? When the mind is such an awesome thing, why do people try to stop it?

Because as the amount of data increases, after some time, it becomes a lot. Your computer hangs when there’s too much storage, right? That’s what happens with the mind. Too much data, and now it’s not taking commands from you and creating its permutations and combinations, creating different images, videos, and voices in your head using the data you’ve gathered so far and creating a whole new reality for you. And you know what the worst part is? There’s a “delete” key. It’s just addition and multiplication, which is going on and on. Mind Is Not Stable And you know what’s even worse than that? If you have a bad memory of something which we all have at some point, it will do the same with that data. So if something bad happens or happens, it will multiply it in a thousand scenarios and run it in your head just like any other data. The outcome that triggers you will run even more and more.

So, if a thought triggers you, it will run more and more. Why is that? Does the mind like triggering you? In a way, yes. So am I and my mind a different entity? Yes, that’s why you asked the question about its stability. Not your stability but “its” stability. And the same goes for the body. But we are talking about the mind here.

Let’s come back to the question, why is it not stable? Let’s define stability. According to you or anyone, stability is when the mind talks when you want it to talk and stops talking when you do not want it to talk. Is that right? Yes or no?

If your answer is yes, then read on.

Okay, just to recap, we have established 2 things so far, one is that you and your mind are different entities, and the other is what you call “stability” of Mind Is Not Stable.

Let’s fix this issue once and for all. So the problem is the mind keeps talking about random stuff that you may or may not like and is not stopping when you want it to stop. Sounds right?

Cool, now, let’s look at ways to stop it when you want it to stop. So if the mind is a machine that is attached to you and affects your life quality, and you want it to run by command, what will you do? One thing is to control the source. What’s the source on which the mind runs? “Energy”, is energy that you gather by eating and from sleep, that’s the energy which is fuel for the mind and the body. So if you stop the fuel, the mind stops. Or, if you limit the fuel to the level that the fuel almost ends when the mind is done with conscious activity, the mind will be tired, and it will stop talking. So how to do that?

Mind Is Not Stable So if you look at your life, the energy that you have is going into 2 entities, one is your body and one is your mind. They both are very well connected. Have you ever had a pleasant experience in the body? Like when someone is massaging you? Notice how the mind stops? So it’s easy to manage energy in the body. Work out, run, do something else physically that you like and that drains the energy. You will feel tired and light.

But how to drain energy in the mind? It’s simple, do something intellectually complex that you like, it can be maths, reading, painting, which requires focus and attention. But make sure you put in good data in that mind while doing that. Watching reels on mobile is not intellectually complex, so you put in a lot of data while doing that and don’t drain any energy. The effect of such things, you already see in people.

If you manage both energy of mind and body, the continuous talking of mind will stop by a lot. Just do it and see for yourself. Now, one thing which you may not believe, because there is no scientific way to it, I am just talking from my own experience. I am going to say it so listen carefully. “The mind likes to rule”, mind is not a good ruler it but wants to rule you. So the moment you try to take away its energy or do something to control it, it will not like it. So when you start this self-improving journey, the mind may start playing games on you even more. It may throw some triggering thoughts on you to trigger you and stop this journey, but you do not stop.

Drain the energy in the body, continue to read or do math or write or something which is intellectually complex. After some days, not only you will be more aware and feel more discipline, but you will see the mind is not bothering you anymore, when that moment comes, you must be ready for the next game. Because the will not stop playing games with you, you have a choice. Either to be its slave or realize that it’s a game and reality is different. The more cycles you play, the more player you will become and will be able to like life your own way.

If all this makes sense to you, how about we create a community? Let me know in the comments if you are interested. I will do something about it?

Thanks for your time 🙂

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