Why Do We Procrastinate?

Procrastinate Think about it, right now, you have to do something, but you don’t feel like doing it. What could be the reason?

There can only be 2 reasons:

  1. You do not like that work.
  2. You like that work but your life has gone into stagnation mode.

Can you think of any other reason? Just think about it. Maybe the words and sentences in your mind will be different, but if you go to the core, this is where you will find yourself.

Let’s say you want to eat something, something delicious, and it’s right in front of you. Will you procrastinate? No, right?

Because that’s something that you like. Yes or no?

Now, let’s look at things this way. There’s something delicious in front of you, but you are offered that food every day, let’s say a burger. Every day at 2 o’clock, you get a burger. Now, you don’t feel like eating it? Why? Stagnation.

So what’s the solution, mate?

Before we jump to a solution, I want you to think; don’t just accept. Think and tell me, yes, tell me in the comments so I can debate! Tell me that you do not accept and there are more reasons. If there are, I will give you a solution to that. But if you accept that these 2 are the only reasons for procrastination, then read on! Procrastinate.

1. This is for reason number one. So you do not like the work. This is not a light thing; you just accepted a big reality if this is the case. So congrats on that. Now that you have accepted this reality, think of the responsibility which is pushing you to do that work. See if it’s worth it. Is it? Just ask yourself this question. It is not a small question, it’s a damn big question. Is it worth it?

The work that is pending, the responsibility that is pushing me to do it, is it worth doing it? Or should I figure something else out? Yes, ask this one again and again, please, get the answer out, this is a BIG question. If it is worth it, then there will be no question of procrastination, but if it is not, then you gotta look at your life choices and see what changes you need to make in your life. I know this may not be the solution you were looking for, but I would rather prefer to slap people with reality than solace them with delusion.

2. This is for reason number two, which is the stagnate mode. If you are going in loop, doing same shit every day , then best thing will be to take a break, do something random for few days then get back to the loop. It’s alright, nothing wrong with it. The thing is, you must, must accept the reality of your feelings and emotions and work to solve it.

Sorry if it’s a lot of work but life is complicated. Unfortunately, the system that we the humans have built is not so easy to be happy in. We messed it up, so we gotta work even to be happy, let’s accept this reality, shall we?

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