Why Am I Sad For No Reason?

Sad For No Reason? Trust me on this, you are the only one. All of us feel this way. Some days are good, some days are bad. That’s how it is. But the question remains, why? Why do these emotions for no particular reason?

In my own experience, I have noticed that life feels sad when it does not feel fulfilling. Now what’s “Fulfilling”?

I like to describe as time when there is not a single percent emptiness in you. So how does this fulfilling emotion come?

In my personal journey, I’ve observed that fulfillment often springs from a deep sense of engagement. Have you ever noticed this phenomenon in your own life? The more deeply immersed we become in a task or experience, the more profound our sense of satisfaction and contentment. Remarkably, the nature of the activity itself seems secondary to the level of involvement we invest in it. Whether it’s something inherently meaningful or seemingly trivial, such as gazing at a tree with unwavering attention, preparing a meal with meticulous care, or nurturing a newborn, the key lies in our complete absorption in the present moment.

Consider the example of new parents caring for their infant. Despite the sleepless nights and relentless demands of parenthood, there exists an undeniable sense of fulfillment in their actions. They may voice complaints and struggles, yet the moment they are separated from their child, an inexplicable longing emerges, compelling them to seek proximity once more. This profound attachment stems from the depth of their involvement in the parenting journey. In their absence, a palpable emptiness pervades their existence, leaving them yearning for the presence of their little one, even in moments of seemingly unexplained sadness.

Same goes for everyone, as we grow old, stupid logic takes over our warmth which makes us feel empty from moment to moment. So what do we do about it?

The most important thing is not trying to be happy, I hate it when people say be positive and shit like that. Like, “Yeah, thanks for the tip I feel good now.” If you feel sad, you feel sad, first thing is accept it. It’s okay to be sad, at least you are not running away from reality. Let it sink, see what you can do about it. Try different task which you like which you can do with involvement.

Try cooking something, see how to feel compared to before. You feeling good? do it more. Try baking, running, list goes on and on. At some point, we have to get up and fix ourself. I know it’s not easy, trust me, I am not a perfect happy person myself. Still figuring out my shit. But at least, I am not running away from it and finding some temporary solution.

Let’s do it together 🙂

Comment and tell me what you did and how you feeling. I want to make community of people who would like to upgrade themselves and support each other. A strong group, where everyone grows and picks every one up.

I hope, I will be able to do it some day.

Thank you for your time.

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