Can Mind Heal The Body?

The very reason this question has popped up is because you have experienced how the experience of the body changes as your mind changes. So the answer is a definite YES, and you know it too. But how is this possible, and most importantly, can the reverse also happen? Can Mind Heal the Body? Let’s look at it.

Many physical symptoms are a direct manifestation of the mind. One thing that I have observed is when people are going through some kind of mental illness or if their mind is out of control, the first thing they face is some kind of back injury. It can be back pain or nerve damage, usually around the neck area. I don’t have the details, but it can be because of uncontrolled or frictional travel of data within the body, and since every data from the mind to the body ultimately travels through the spine region, that could be the reason for such manifestation.

So, if someone is mentally happy and healthy, one thing is they won’t develop these types of symptoms. But the real question is, can they reverse the physical damage that has been done internally and externally?

Let’s first clear the internal and external damage:

(1) Internal damage is when the damage has happened internally within the body. Mind Heal the Body, For example, wrong consumption of food, ill mental health, wrong lifestyle, etc. Something that developed gradually.

(2) External damage is something that is caused by an outside force, like an accident, etc.

So can the mind heal both the damage or any of it? In my own experience, it all depends on how many cells have damaged. The body regenerates cells, we all know that, and if the mind is in a healthy state, that process is hastened as there is no friction in the body. So if we think about it, it’s not the mind but the body that heals itself. It’s just that a happy and healthy mind is not an obstacle in that process. It is not draining excessive energy so the body can use it to repair itself.

Is it making sense? Stay with me here. Now, one thing we established is not the mind but it’s the body which heals itself, and a healthy mind is not an obstacle in that process. But, to what extent and is the mind really useless when it comes to healing?

Okay, so the first thing is to what extent the body heals itself: The answer is pretty simple, it all depends on damaged cells. If the number of damaged cells is high, it may need external support, and if it is low, it does not need that. For example, if you cut yourself, then that’s a high number of cell damage, you need stitches and medicine to fight infection. But if you are facing mind constipation, maybe if you don’t bother the body with some heavy digestive process and eat light, it will heal itself. It also depends on what your age is because as we age, the cell regeneration goes down, so we do need external support as we age.

And now the second question, is the mind just an obstacle and can’t be used to repair the body? Now, let’s put some thoughts on this one. The mind has 2 important powers, and that’s memory and imagination. Are both of these affecting the body? I would say yes if we think of some nice things or strongly imagine some things, the chemicals in the body change. But it would be wrong to expect a miracle from this.

The best it can do in my experience is keep the body happy and alive which is also very important because it tends to be dull when it’s sick. So on a subtle level, the mind is a tremendous tool to keep your body happy and well, and everyone should direct it and constantly use it as a tool to keep them in a good state. But expecting a miracle is not right, for example, treating some serious condition (not going to name any).

At the same time, I think it is very wrong to deny the possibility of anything. Who knows, if the mind is powerful, it can help to heal itself, there are cases where cancer patients have healed themselves through some positive reinforcements. But the reason I am against building expectations is that expectations can lead to sadness which in turn will ruin it even further and the whole thing of using the mind as a tool to heal the body will turn negative.

So there you go, as always, this is what I think. Let me know what you think. Thanks.

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